F O R  A D U L T S  A N D  

A private class is especially adapted to your needs and interest. Maybe you do not feel comfortable yet to join a group, are sick, have a burn out, are recovering from an injury, want to deepen your practice, have an unhealthy breathing pattern or have any other reason. In any of these cases a private class can be very helpful to restore the balance between your body and mind. In a private class we can focus among other things on meditation, breathwork, yoga, posture, resilience, relaxation or a combination these. Not only for adults, but even for children from the age of 6 years old a private class can be very beneficial. Sometimes the class can simply help a child to relax and release tension, but also when children are going through difficult times of their lives private classes can be helpful. They will learn tools which are very useful to cope with the uncertainties they experience in that moment. Should you be interested in a private class, please contact me for a free of charge interview to discuss your needs and what I can offer you.

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