At least once every month a workshop or theme based yoga class is offered. This varies from f.e. a meditation workshop, learning more about chakras, mantra chanting, kids massage, ashtanga- or restorative yoga, aroma yoga, or candlelight yoga. These classes will be announced on social media and this website. 

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Functional Yoga Anatomy
for the Spine 

Saturday, January 30
8.00 - 11.00 aM

In this workshop we will explore the anatomy and physiology of tissues in our body and then especially related to the spine. As we learn to understand the function of fascia we also dive deeper into the possible causes of (chronic) pain in the body and what to do about it. The last 1,5 hours we will practice meditation, breath work, functional yin yoga asanas for the spine and yoga nidra. You will learn how to adjust and support your body to get the most out of the asanas.

This workshop is for everybody who wants to deepen their understanding of the fascinating world under our skin or just want to enjoy a nourishing yoga practice for the spine. It can be very helpful for those experiencing (chronic) pain in de body as well as for yoga teachers who want to learn how to support their students with back issues.

Costs:  florin 75,- Including: water, tea and a snack

It goes without saying the Covid-19 regulations apply to this workshop, which will be sent to you upon signing up.