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A B O U T   M E

When I attended my first yoga class in 2005 this was a completely different experience from the competitive sports I used to practice. And even though it all felt a bit unusual, the practice intrigued me and I decided to give yoga a try. Not soon after, I began feeling the physical and mental benefits the practice gave me and yoga has been a part of my live ever since.

Besides practicing yoga myself, I got interested in teaching yoga. I started studying the basics of yoga with my own teacher and followed several teacher trainings among which Power Yoga with Tonnie Goes, Kids Yoga with Helen Purperhart, Yin Yoga with Anat Geiger and Johan Noorloos, Boutriba massage therapy for kids and Foundational Course Pranayama by Sri Sudhir Tiwari

At a yoga retreat in Costa Rica led by Whit Hornsberger I was introduced to Vinyasa Krama Yoga. I still follow his meditation program and study his inspiring teachings about Buddhism. However, it wasn’t until I studied breathwork therapy at ‘Adem in Balans’ in 2021, when everything I had learned thus far truly started to fall into place.

Apart from the different teacher trainings I completed, I am grateful for the period that I worked for the ´Toon Hermans Huis´. Here I practiced yoga with people suffering or recovering from cancer. To this day, this experience still helps me to support people going through difficult times.

In addition to being a yoga teacher, I became a ‘parent and child counselor’ in order to understand and help children individually. A pediatrician taught me how yoga can help children suffering from any kind of pain caused by tension. Furthermore, the ´Rots & Water-Training’ taught me to help children and adults to work on their appearance and confidence both individually and in groups.

And although life itself is my biggest teacher I always love to learn more and can't stop to deepen my practice by attending new trainings and workshops f.e. about pranayama, meditation, anatomy, the art of adjusting, chakras, yoga nidra, etc. I constantly try to integrate the new things I learn into my own classes.

My classes can be characterized by my personal approach to my students and making the practice suitable for everybody regardless of your level or yoga experience. I love the interaction of energy when practicing together with my students. This always supports me to take the practice to a deeper level.

Namaste, Jet